Atlas Murphy and the Curious Creatures of WilderBeast Cave

48,000 Words • High Middle-Grade Adventure

Atlas Murphy, 15, has a simple goal: to change the world. She finds the courage to sing a song about peace at her school’s football pep rally, but she only embarrasses herself. Things get worse when a few moments later, a wild bear escapes his cage and is shot dead at her feet, and her parrot friend, Pierre, flies away with the principal’s key ring. Then when her dad is arrested as a suspect, she suddenly finds herself on a new mission. Atlas is all alone on a quest to stop whoever is using animals to commit crimes.


But she isn’t alone for long. As she follows the clues, she begins to collect some strange beings (commonly known as “friends”). And as her journey unfolds, Atlas must fend off ferocious animals – and an even wilder beast – until she faces the ultimate showdown. Atlas must choose which of her friends to save: human or animal.